Pokémon Go GPS Hack [Root] for android

Hello people..!!!

As you all must be knowing that Pokémon Go, is the news of the moment. And, you can see peoples roaming around with their phone in hand. This is a common scene now-a-days in crowded places (Heheh…Pokémon Gyms and stops). Hell, there have even been many accidents and other incidents happening due to this. So, we don’t want you to get yourselves in an accident and that’s why presenting you this GPS hack, so that you can play Pokémon Go from the comfort of your home. Also, its a life saver for those, who don’t live in big cities and have been facing problems due to the scarcity of Pokémons at their place.

So, all you need to do is to install xposed and these few apps :


To install xposed on your device FOLLOW THIS.

Also, you can SEE THE VIDEO HERE for XPOSED installation.

Now, to hack your gps, Watch and Learn…!!!


Install XPOSED on any device

Hello Again…!!!

This time TechNO BaBa™ is going to teach you how you can install XPOSED on your device easily.

First of all, “What is XPOSED and Why do you actually need XPOSED..??”

The answer is, “Its a way to make system level changes to your Android OS which can be altered with ease”.

For XPOSED to work, all you need is RooT Acess.

While there are about 1K different XPOSED modules available. I’m gonna discuss the uses of a few. Some of there uses are listed below :

Floating Windows; Multi-Window; Status Bar Progress; Tweak Status Bar / Navigation Bar; Hardware buttons audio control; Hide Root access from some particular app; Fake WiFi connection to apps; Change Device ID; Change even the IMEI; Allow write access on external storage on KK; Greenify – The ultimate battery saver; Extend your Power Menu; 

FAKE YOUR LOCATION (Yes..Pokemon Go..!!) and the list goes on…

So now you would be definitely wanting to install XPOSED on your device. You may proceed further now.

But, if you don’t know what is rooting, custom recovery, xposed modules and what they can do; its the best time for you to STOP reading any further. Or, you can always proceed at your own risk.

If done correctly, its a easy task. But, if you mess up somewhere, this could really end very bad for you. This can cause bootloop, you might have to loose all of your data, and hell you may even brick your device .

We at TechNO BaBa™ take no responsibility if shit happens…!! You will have to deal with it yourselves. Although, I will help you to mend it, but only if you ask politely. Also, we, TechNO BaBa™, would not, in any case, be held responsible for dead phones, dead sd cards, any dead kitten or the next World War. So, proceed at your own Risk.

Just follow these few easy steps, and you’ll have XPOSED :


  1. Xposed Installer App (.apk)
  2. Xposed Framework (.zip)
  3. Xposde UnInstaller (.zip) – not required, but in case your phone won’t boot after xposed installation, flash this.


  • First go to http://sh.st/K4sj2 and download the latest “Xposed Installer App”.
  • Now go to http://sh.st/K4sCX and download the “Xposed Framework” suitable for your device. In case of MIUI users (Xiaomi and others…), download “Xposed Framework” from here http://sh.st/K4sOW

Now, the thing is How To Find The Right Version:

2.1) First check your OS architecture (apps like CPU-Z can be used for this).

2.1.1) “arm” – for arm32 os architecture

2.1.2) “arm64” – for arm64 os architecturte

2.1.3) “x86” – for x86 architecture, mainly Intel SoCs.

NOTE: Sometimes your SoC can have 64bit architecture, but the OS (or ROM) installed is 32bit. In that case you’ll have to download the “arm” version only.

2.2) Now the second thing is your OS version:

2.2.1) “sdk21” – for Lollipop 5.0.x

2.2.2) “sdk22” – for Lollipop 5.1.x

2.2.3) “sdk23” – for Marshmallow 6.0.x

e.g. If you have a 32bit OS installed running on Marshmallow 6.0.x; then download “xposed-vxx-sdk23-arm.zip”

  • Now you have the “Xposed Installer App” and “Xposed Framework” zip. Send it to your phone.
  • Now reboot your phone into recovery (Search on google if you don’t know). And locate and flash the “xposed-vxx-sdkxx-xxx.zip”.
  • Now reboot your phone and install the “Xposed Installer” App. It will be installed as a user app, if you install it normally. You are done..

  • Misc.) But, if you want it to install it as a system app (to keep it even after factory reset); Rename the app to “XposedInstaller” and create a folder with the same name (i.e. XposedInstaller). Now, move the app to the folder and then copy it to “/system/app/” (use any root explorer). Now change the permission of the folder to “rwx r-x r-x” and of the app to “rw- r– r–“. Now reboot and you are done.

Now, you can install any XPOSED module on your device.

To learn how to fake GPS in Pokémon Go, you can READ HERE. Or, to watch a video for the same WATCH THIS.


  1. rovo89 ==>> He’s the man.. He built the xposed framework as a hobby, which is now being used by millions.
  2. solarwarez ==>> to make xposed framework compatible with the modified MIUI ROM
  3. Chainfire ==>> for SuperSU

To explore XPOSED modules, go here ==>> http://sh.st/K5Pmw

NOTE: Some modules are not supported on MIUI, EMUI, TouchWiz (Samsung Devices) and other ROMs with modified UIs.


For better understanding, watch the video below :

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Break your Pattern / PIN / Password Lock on Android Devices…!!!

Hello everyone…!!!
Today your TechNO BaBa™ has come up with another tutorial for which you have desired for ages.

This time I’m gonna tell you how you can break the pattern of your device.

We at TechNO BaBa™ are not responsible for any kind of problem regarding security breach or any thermonuclear war. This Tutorial is totally meant for Educational purposes and you should use it at your own responsibilty.

Also, we at TechNO BaBa™ would not be responsible for any bricked devices or dead kitten. So, use this at your own risk.

Now coming to the tutorial part. This thing has happened with all of us that our phone got locked and we don’t know the pattern/password/PIN or either the limit to enter password has been exceeded ( I hate those small kids 😀 ).

And the worst part is that your wifi and mobile data was off.

So here’s how you can unlock your device without factory reset. It should work on all devices with any android version except the ones that come with locked bootloaders (Damn!! those OEMs).

The best part about this tutorial is that you don’t actually need to be rooted for this.

(In case you are already rooted and have a custom recovery installed, just download the UNLOCK PHONE TOOL from down below and flash using the recovery. That’s it)


The pattern is stored in /data/system/gesture.key and password/PIN is stored in /data/system/password.key. So, what I did is, I just deleted the “gesture.key” and “password.key” files.

Here’s the updater-script

  • ui_print(“Mounting /data”);
  • run_program(“/sbin/busybox”, “mount”, “/data”);
  • ui_print(“Removing saved pattern/password/pin…”);
  • delete(“/data/system/gesture.key”);
  • delete(“/data/system/password.key”);
  • ui_print(“Unmounting /data”);
  • run_program(“/sbin/busybox”, “umount”, “/data”);

Now, coming to the part, where the actual action takes place.


  1. — Minimal ADB and FastBoot — installed.
  2. — UNLOCK_PHONE_TOOL_by_TechNO_BaBa —
  3. PC with “”fastboot drivers for your device”” installed (Ask Google for fastboot drivers for your device).
  4. “”Custom recovery image for your device””. You can use any custom recovery, but TWRP and CWM are preferred. (Again ask google to search a custom recovery for your device).


  1.  Download the “”UNLOCK_PHONE_TOOL_by_TechNO_BaBa.zip”” from the above link and place it on your device (You can place it into your external memory card).
  2.  Put the recovery.img for your device in “minimal adb and fastboot” folder on your pc.
  3. Open your device in fastboot mode. (Ask Google BaBa).
  4. Open the installation folder of “ADB and Fastboot Tool” and press “Shift + Right Click” in blank space and choose “open command window here”.
  5. Now type “fastboot devices” in the cmd window to check your device. Your device should get listed with its serial number.
  6. Now type “fastboot boot recovery.img” (you must use the exact name of the recovery image you downloaded or you can rename it to recovery.img)
  7. Your phone will reboot into recovery.
  8. Now select “Install zip” and choose the “UNLOCK_PHONE_BY_TechNO_BaBa.zip” on your device.
  9. Reboot your phone.


Now the next time you boot, you can enter any “more than 3-dots” pattern, if it asks. Now, You can set new pattern or whatever.

Watch the video for much better understanding :

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Restrict Windows 10 from updating automatically

Its really annoying when the windows 10 download the updates itself, in the background. It decreases our other download’s speeds and the worst part is that there is no option to stop windows from updating in the Windows 10.

But, don’t panic. TechNO BaBa™ is always at your rescue. To stop Windows from updating automatically, you just have to follow a few simple steps. There are two methods to do so.

Watch the following video and watch & learn, (from BaBa Ji :-B )